Are You Looking For Bungalow Style House Plans?

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Bungalow house plans feature low-slung roof, wide inviting porches lending itself to an easy and informal lifestyle, often coupled with well-wrought details.

Architectural Features of Bungalow House Plans

  • Low-Slung Roof, with exposed rafters
  • Wide Inviting Porches, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast

Born in southern California in the early 1900’s, the Bungalow house plan was inspired by a quirky combination of the English Arts and Crafts movement and Far Eastern wooden architecture and quickly became one of the most popular small house styles in the country. With their low-pitched roofs with exposed rafters and rustic wood, stone or stucco siding, and welcoming front porches, these homes were designed to be grounded in the philosophy of simple practicality. Popularized by mail order home plans offered by Gustav Stickley, the homes’ light drenched interiors feature open floor plans with few hallways and lots of windows including some made of stained or leaded glass.

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Are You Looking For Bungalow Style House Plans?
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