Always Had a Soft Spot in Your Heart for Tree Houses? Check These Out!

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Tree houses as kids are so much fun. But what if you are still a kid at heart and would love the idea of a grown up tree house then you’ve come to the right place. We found this article with 12 amazing tree houses that we are sure you’re going to love!

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From the article:

Did you ever have the childhood fantasy of building a great treehouse towering high above? If you did, and actually brought the fantasy into reality, your building may have been limited to just a few pieces of lumber and the house itself only lasted a few seasons. While it was good fun, it never became anything extremely elaborate. Today, for some creative people, their childhood fantasies never left and they have continued to design and build some very impressive homes in the trees.

What draws them upward? Is it purely adventure? Maybe it’s part of being human and channeling the inner primitive. After all, there are many indigenous people groups that lived in the trees to protect them from wild animals.

Utilizing materials such as reclaimed wood, glass, mirrors and bricks, it is fascinating to see what some people have designed. We have added commentary to each of the designs we’ve featured here along with links to the creators. There are a few blogs out there that focus on treehouses such as Treehouse Blog, Treehouse By Design, and This Old Treehouse. There are also many books (like New Treehouses of the World and The Treehouse Book) on how you can do it yourself and make your childhood dreams come true like never before. After all, shouldn’t we always strive to have the joy of a childlike spirit?


Treehouse in Muskoka – Designed by Lukasz Kos, this modern designed house is in Lake Muskoka, Ontario.


Minister’s Treehouse – Deep in the heart of Tennessee is a grand old treehouse made mostly of reclaimed wood.

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For all the tree houses click here:

Always Had a Soft Spot in Your Heart for Tree Houses? Check These Out!
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